Threat Hunting

Cyber Threat Hunting Services

Hunt for threats that evade the traditional security monitoring mechanisms

If you haven't implemented a cyber threat hunting capability yet, now is the time to start. Anyone who knows about the recent data breaches will know that attackers have become dangerously good at breaking into and hiding in enterprise networks for long periods of time.

Security measures that solely focus on mitigating attacks at the perimeter and dealing with breaches after they have happened are no longer enough for dealing with cautious and persistent attackers. What you need are measures that proactively hunt and neutralize threats to your network before they even materialize.

Our Threat Hunting Services

We help you outsmart the bad guys by detecting suspicious and atypical activities using AI as well as machine learning capabilities providing you with end to end analytics. We help you hunt for threats in endpoints, user behavior, applications, and network.

Threat Hunting

Why Choose Cymune Threat Hunting Services

The cyber threat hunter role is becoming increasingly important in the modern enterprise, as companies strive to stay ahead of the latest threats and implement rapid response to mitigate potential damage resulting from cyber-attacks.

Our information security professionals proactively and iteratively detect, isolate, and neutralize advanced threats that evade automated security solutions. Our extensive experience in the domain of security gives us a competitive edge as opposed to using traditional rule or signature-based detection methods.

  • Cutting edge Security Monitoring Tools: We work with all kinds of security monitoring solutions such as firewalls, network security monitoring, data loss prevention, network intrusion detection, insider threat detection, and other security tools. Besides monitoring the network at the organizational-level, we also examine endpoint data. We gather event logs from as many places as possible
  • SIEM Capability: We have the capability to gather internal structured data within the environment and provide a real-time analysis of security alerts from within the network and turn them into meaningful analysis
  • Advanced Threat Hunting Skills: We have a team of experts who have established and certified domain knowledge on information security, cyber security, and network engineering. These experts apart from having a deep understanding of the Cyber Security landscape also have hands-on experience in forensic science, data analysis, intelligence analysis, malware reversing, network and endpoint security, adversary tracking, and other security-related tasks

Benefits with Cymune Threat Hunting Services

  • Proactively identify adversaries who have already breached the defenses and found ways to establish a malicious presence in the organization’s network. Hunting is used to stop the current attackers
  • Identify active threats and communicate it to an incident responder who will “have the knowledge and experience to quickly respond to the threat and neutralize it before more damage to network and data occurs,” the better the outcome
  • Get better insight on an incident, from understanding its scope to identifying the causes and forecasting the impact and reduce investigation time
  • Hunting’s strength is that it is human-driven, proactive, iterative and analytical. This combination of tools, repetitive monitoring and behavior-pattern searching, together with the analysts’ ingenuity and ability to examine and evaluate data, means a reduction in false positives

Our Cyber Threat Hunting Service is part of our Managed Detection and Response Service (MDR). With MDR, you not only get a robust Threat Hunting mechanism to secure your enterprise but also Security Monitoring, Incident & Event Analysis, Incident Response, Breach Management, and SOC & NOC Monitoring.

Why stop with Threat Hunting alone, when you get accompanying advisory services for handling all the technical and business aspects of your cybersecurity. Leverage a managed service that can enable you to secure your Enterprise.

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