Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

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What’s Managed Detection & Response?

Managed Detection & Response is an advanced managed service security offering that provides the entire lifecycle of a threat, starting with Intel on a threat to threat hunting to security events monitoring, incident analysis, and incident response. Using advanced UBA and security posture of an application, network, and endpoints; MDR provides deeper insight and detection compared to legacy MSSPs In fact for quicker and more accurate response, MDR often makes use of AI and ML to investigate, automate, and orchestrate a response.

Gartner: A larger piece of $90bn InfoSec market to be allocated to proactive threat detection by 2020

Increased adoption of managed detection and response services demonstrates that, in isolation, preventative security is no longer an effective way of defending against cyber-attacks.

Why MDR Mitigate your Cyber Security Risk?

As per Gartner, there is a growing need for MDR to successfully mitigatecyber security risk and this is having a deep impact on the way businesses approach their security spend over the next half of the decade. According to the study, this ‘sends a clear message that prevention is futile unless it is tied into a detection and response capability.

Modern threats cannot be detected and contained by combing through all of your IT data using sheer manual efforts. Our MDR solution employs AI and Automation along with manual intervention to solve this problem and provides an effective threat management system.

On top of this, it is equally challenging for many organizations to build next-generation capabilities for threat detection and response. Therefore, Cymune MDR Services are packaged in a way to help you overcome these gaps by bringing AI, Automation, and People skills together to deliver end-to-end threat management.

What you get with Cymune MDR Service

MDR Services
  • Threat Anticipation: Needless to say, the threat landscape has evolved and our security technology must be up to snuff. Our adaptive security relies on artificial intelligence analysis of cybercriminals’ behavior to anticipate new attack methods. As threats and attack tactics evolve, an adaptive approach would allow for your enterprise to as well. Our Cybersecurity experts use this intel to anticipate threats and continuously evolve your defenses. Read More
  • Threat Hunting: We help you outsmart the bad guys by detecting suspicious and atypical activities using AI as well as machine learning capabilities providing you with end-to-end analytics. We help you hunt for threats in endpoints, user behavior, applications, and network. Read More
  • Continuous Security Events Monitoring: We have technology that empowers organizations like yours to oversee your IT assets 24/7 from known and current attacks. We help you get continuous visibility into threat and risk posture across your assets. Read More
  • Incident Response: We help you address and manage potential breaches as well as the aftermath of a security breach or attack in order to limit damage and reduce recovery time and cost. At the core of our incident response strategy is a robust SIEM platform that makes it possible not only to identify distinct incidents but also provide the means to track and reassign them as well as add annotations. Read More
  • Cyber Fusion Center: We collect, correlate, and analyze extensive series of data to provide you with an analysis on possibilities of security risks to your environment and enable you to detect, respond and prevent threats by providing valuable context and visual insights to help you make faster and smarter security decisions. We tackle bottlenecks at any level in the infrastructure and assess the system performance before introducing new solutions or migrating to new platforms. Read More

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