Attack Surface Reduction

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Minimize cyber threats by reducing attack surface

Modern organizations are faced with a greater volume and higher sophistication of cyber threats than ever before. This allows hidden vulnerabilities and weaknesses to arise, leading to drastically increased cyber risk. With the right combination of people, process and technology, it is possible to detect and contain even the most sophisticated cyber-attacks. But what could be better than having a very small percentage of risk factors that you need to worry about when it comes to cyber-attacks.

But keeping risk in check requires a systematic effort to reduce the attack surface. You can reduce your attack surfaces by minimizing the places where your organization is vulnerable to cyber threats and attacks. What’s most important is to understand what an attack surface is?

Here at Cymune, we see the attack surface as the entire network and software environment that is exposed to remote or local attacks. In simple words: an attack surface refers to all the ways your apps can possibly be exploited by attackers. This includes not only software, operating systems, network services and protocols but also domain names and SSL certificates.Our security experts combine cutting-edge technologies and analysis procedures to uncover and fix hidden weaknesses in your security architecture.

Attack Surface Reduction

How can Cymune help you to reduce the attack surface?

There are several ways to reduce the attack surface, but at Cymune we provide you with a suite of services to help that takes of security right from the perimeter to ensuring your applications are safe and secure

  • Perimeter Security: We are a team of dedicated perimeter security consultants and engineers passionate about delivering tailor-made total perimeter security solutions to the world’s most security-sensitive assets. Read More
  • Network Security: Cymune is a market leading cyber security solutions provider and we help enterprises plan, build and run more successful cyber security programs.As threats to network security continue to proliferate, a growing number of organizations are turning to us. Read More
  • Endpoint Security: Cymune believes Endpoint security management is a policy-based approach to network security that requires endpoint devices to comply with specific criteria before they are granted access to network resources. Read More
  • Application Security: Cymune application security consulting services findthe vulnerabilities and flaws in your applications and software development practices and always provide a remediation plan to ensure all problems can be fixed. Read More

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