AI Enabled MDR

Bring Your Breach time down with AI Enabled MDR

Cymune’s MDR (Managed Detection and Response Service) leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques and machine learning to provide high-speed cyber defense.

In the past years the dominion of automation of security-related tasks to machines has been established. Tasking out the heavy lifting of security tasks like data mining, data collation and sifting has become more common place than you and I can imagine.

According to a recently released research by the Ponemon Institute, almost 79% of organizations that participated in the study either already use automation or intend to use it soon to help protect their businesses from cyber threats.

There is no doubt in any CISO’s mind today that usage of advanced technology can allow for automation of lot of routine cybersecurity tasks. In fact many CISOs also believe that automation would help reduce the skills shortage issue in the industry. However, for organizations to fully benefit from automation and artificial intelligence technologies, they must have skilled professionals on board who will help them analyze results as well as provide awareness and insight as to what actions to take or decisions to make for the improvement of the organization’s cybersecurity posture.

AI Enabled MDR

Cymune MDR – Powered with AI

To successfully manage current cyber threats, you must bridge the gap between the speed of attack and the speed of defense. Cymune’s AI based MDR services can deliver high speed cyber defense that match the speed of attacks as we differ from the traditional MSSP services.

Our MDR Offering is the coming together of security automation, machine learning, and human intelligence. This enables us to speedily identify and discover advanced threats and respond to them swiftly and thus thwart an attack before it is damaging. Advanced machine learning delivers early detection of advanced threats and our competent security automaton helps in quicker response and we power it up with our human intelligence of skilled and certified cyber security professionals.

We understand your need to move away from a slow and reactive security service to a cyber security service that is lightning speed to anticipate threats and stop them at their nascent stage without any delays. Our AI enabled MDR services gives you just that executing a wide array of security tasks for you drastically enhancing your threat visibility and response.

Our MDR (Managed Detection & Response) is the right choice for your Enterprise to keep your business ahead in the fast paced digital world. Learn more about it.

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