Security Assessment

Start 2024 by identifying your Security Blind Spots

Actionable reports in language your application or business owners will understand

Why do a Security Assessment?

Constantly Changing threat landscape | Focus on Priorities | Return on Investment

In 2024, organizations will be pushed into crisis as ruthless attackers exploit weaknesses in undeveloped technologies and take advantage of an unprepared workforce.

Organizations will be unable to disentangle the digital from physical and will be forced to respond to a growing blend of threats from new technologies, people, and nature. While the prospects of commercial success will be alluring, this hybrid world will bring with it increasing dangers that have devastating consequences for businesses, employees, and consumers alike. When digital and physical worlds collide, only organizations that take decisive action will prosper.

Security Assessment Packs 2024

We help establish a more comprehensive security foundation that understands the organization and the complex connections between its cyber components, thereby helping you with a more robust Cybersecurity posture overall

Complete Security Posture Assessment (4 Weeks)

Assessment of your Infrastructure, Network, Cloud, Data. Review of Architecture inline with Well-Architected framework. Vulnerabilities by business impact.

Data Security Assessment (2 Weeks)

Cover PII and critical data. Review of Data at rest & in transit. Identification of crown jewels. Storage, Backup & recovery planning.

Managed SecOps/ITOps Effectiveness Assessment (Complimentary)

How can we improve your current SLA? How much run costs could we save for you? Take the assessment to learn more how your organization can benefit from the NOC/SOC Assessment.

Cloud Security Assessment (1 Week)

Identify cloud misconfigurations Compliance/standard gaps compared to SOC2, PCI, NIST, 800-53, HIPAA etc.

Vulnerability Assessment (1-2 Week)

Identify vulnerabilities. Reduce your attack surface. Expert advice on exposures.

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