Patching-as-a-Service includes

Three tiers of service, aimed at providing flexibility over what you want patched

Reduce the threat footprint facing your organization and help you meet compliance obligations

Keep servers, applications and endpoints patched, using a phased approach to reduce risk

Responsibility for discovery, setup, patching and status reporting Automated and auditable for reduced strain on your IT and compliance teams


The Service Provides

  • Windows Patch Management: Automates Windows patching, mitigates security risks and fixes vulnerabilities in minutes.
  • Mac Patch Management: Deploys and manages patches to all Mac endpoints from a single console.
  • Remote Patch Management: To manage remote patching for work-from-home options.
  • Support software patching for heterogeneous endpoints such as laptops, desktops, servers, roaming users, etc.

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Benefits of our effective Patch Management Program


Patch Assessments and Recommendations

Expert analysis and documented recommendations


Fully Automated

Monitor and manage the patch process, with a phased, automated deployment schedule

Reduce Risk

Reduce Risk and Vulnerabilities

Keep pace with constant stream of threats and patches. We manage and monitor zero-day releases to get these tested and deployed



Effective maintenance of patches means you are in compliance


Improved Visibility Through Reporting

Ensures key stakeholders are informed 24x7


Failed Patch Reporting and Roll Back

Roll back for supported platforms, where the package fails to install correctly or leads to conflicts or stability issues post-deployment

Product Innovation

Continued product innovation

With improved features and functionality, you can incorporate updates to upgrade the technology

Cost Effective

Cost Effective and Flexible Models

Flexible Subscription models that fit your schedule and budget

Patching Methodology

We follow 6 steps in the patch management process

Patching Methodology