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Security Advisory & Audit for desired ROI & business outcomes

The global security advisory services market size is expected to grow from USD 7.8 billion in 2019 to USD 18.8 billion by 2024, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 19.3% during the forecast period. – Markets & Markets research, 2019

Security advisory services enable the enterprises to meet and deploy security policies. Organizations require security advisory services to guarantee efforts for protecting the data and critical information, as per the industry regulations and mandates. With the increased adoption of cloud services, which provide the benefits of flexibility and scalability, new regulatory compliances are expected to be enforced globally. This, in turn, is likely to bring a huge contribution from various security advisory service providers to meet the growing compliance demands.

Power Up your Security with Cymune Advisory

As advancements in IT infrastructure accelerate, it is critical that your IT systems are aligned with your business needs. Companies around the world rely on our strategic thought leadership, rigor and consulting discipline for evaluating and planning infrastructure technology and services. We work with you to architect a holistic solution that integrates new technologies with the legacy environment, in line with your IT strategy.

As part of any transformation, we identify the required changes to the infrastructure – from network, communications, and security to the data centre, end-user computing, applications, and service management – to ensure the new service delivers the desired return on investment and business outcomes. A customized advisory framework with audit summary helps in pushing your business objectives. We provide these services across a range of technologies and delivery models including mobility, cloud, IT outsourcing, network, communications, data centre, end-user computing, security, and sustainability.

Security Advisory

Securing you every step of the Cybersecurity Lifecycle

Our advisory engagement with you can be in the entire cybersecurity lifecycle. You have complete freedom to choose to work with us at any stage you wish. We can align our services at any stage you wish us to, be it

  • Aligning the right security strategy against your business goals
  • Identifying and evaluating threats to your enterprise
  • Making your security architecture impermeable
  • Optimizing your existing security in a cost effective manner
  • Ensuring you are compliant

Security Advisory Portfolio

  • Strategy, risk, and compliance : Drive innovation and growth securely with the right architecture and strategy in place.We will help you document your processes and identify any program and technology gaps. And we’ll recommend steps you can take to improve. Whether you’re evaluating a SOC, ICS, or any other critical function, we are here to help you design a process for effective security at speed and scale
  • Assessments and penetration : Understand the vulnerabilities across your infrastructure, applications, and devices. Our intensive assessments and penetration testing can help you secure the technical foundation of your enterprise. Our advisory can help optimize your security expenditure, sustain compliance, and prepare for emerging threats
  • Incident response : Discover, prepare for, manage, and recover from data breaches and network attacks. We can help you strengthen your readiness and response to attacks. Our experts work with you to evaluate current plans, create a new plan, and provide speedy assistance when you need it the most

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