Data Loss Prevention as a Service (DLPaaS)

Be Secured against Insider Threats and Cyber Security Risks with Cymune Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Services

Cymune DLP-as-a-Service Advantage

  • Complete clarity on confidential data residing in the organization
  • Deploys across all kinds of devices like desktops, laptops, mobiles, cloud emails, printers
  • Unified dashboard for all reports and analytics
  • Activity tracking, employee monitoring and sensitive data protection combined in one single suite
  • DLP Solutions across various Industry Verticals like IT/ITES, BFSI, Healthcare & Lifesciences, Manufacturing, Telecom
  • Field tested methodologies based on standard and proven frameworks
  • Life cycle Approach - DLP consulting/audit, deployment & managed services
  • Flexible Engagement Models - On Premise, Cloud based (Shared) and Hybrid
  • Service delivered from State-of-the-art Global Security Operation Center (SOC)
  • Certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 20001, ISO 27001 ready, ITIL, SOC 2, PCI ready, SOC/ODC Facility, COE

Is your Organization's Sensitive Data at Risk?

When it comes to data security and protection, human factor is often the most challenging to control and predict. The result: a multitude of insider threats that can expose confidential data with just a single click.

Traditionally Regulatory compliance has been the primary driver for enterprises to invest in data protection solutions. However, new age DLP solutions helps you not only to manage your regulatory compliance requirements but also helps you to primarily secure your Enterprise workforce against Insider Threats and Cyber Security Risks. It is designed to ensure information privacy, Insider threat management and employee behaviour analysis.

DLP Solution is usually implemented by IT for the business with the close association of various business departments. A DLP implementation necessitates strong upper management commitment as well as support, full involvement of middle management, IT operation and business/data owners of various departments. What is interesting to note is that even today while most organizations are successful at filtering inbound malicious content and ricocheting unauthorized entry attempts, they are lagging with implementing technical solutions that effectively address data breaches.

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Cymune’s DLP-as-a-Service Business Benefits

  • Maximum transparency over every employee regardless of the organizational strength
  • Protection against data compromise
  • Full fidelity report of employee behaviour on digital assets and their productivity
  • Full control over remote workforce and their productivity
  • Protect trade and financial secrets from falling into competitors' hand
  • A unique workflow analysis to manage access permissions for scattered employees
  • Record and maintain live screenshots of employee crimes for legal proceedings
  • Scalable solutions that range from protecting specific business units to organisation-wide coverage
  • Domain Specialist GRC consultants for various industry verticals to identify business requirements and areas of focus


Managed DLP service is a core security service offering from Cymune. We ensure continuous monitoring and data protection without the required expertise to manage a DLP program in house. Managed DLP Service accelerates your data security posture by rapid deployment of Insider Threat Management at scale, integrating into existing environments.

Insider Threat Management Services

Managed DLP Services


  • Prevent data breaches
  • Effective for outsider and insider threat detection
  • Prevent lawsuits, loss of reputation, loss of credibility, loss of revenue
  • Enable monitoring of the location and usage of data
  • Automatically encrypts confidential data to prevent data loss
DLP Methodology

Identify Data Management and Security Policies and Procedures

Cymune obtains any policies or procedures that are used to drive data security; including data classification policies, compliance related documentation, encryption standards, and incident response procedures. Through interviews with policy owners and enforcers, Cymune will gain an understanding of how requirements are communicated, enforced, and audited. This information will be used as a baseline in the following phases to help identify if data control gaps exist and to help define and build DLP rules.

Identify Data Types

To properly prepare for a DLP implementation, companies need to first determine which data is in scope, where the data resides, and how it migrates throughout their environment. Through a series of interviews, Cymune will identify and document all critical or in scope business processes and supporting IT systems (servers, applications, databases, storage farms, etc.).

DLP Rules Creation

Cymune correlates the results from the previous phase to determine which data types need to be monitored and how. Consultants give consideration to the data’s egress and ingress points, classification level, and the makeup (structured and unstructured). In addition, Cymune works with customers to ensure proper access controls are in place for data at rest (this is an optional phase); this includes encryption controls and ACL configurations at the application, operating system, and database levels.

Report Creation

Upon completion of all assessment phases, Cymune prepares a formal report that helps the customer drive and properly implement their DLP solution. The report will provided an overview of the various types of data and how data should be monitored, technical DLP deployment considerations, and how to take DLP into the existing security program.