Build a Scalable DevSecOps Platform

Robust DevSecOps Pipeline Management

What is DevSecOps?

DevSecOps is an approach a methodology to provide security to application and infrastructure based on the principles of DevOps. This approach makes sure that the application is less vulnerable and ready for user’s use. All things automated, and security checks started from the beginning of the application’s pipelines.

Selecting the right tools for Continuous Integration security achieves security goals, but the selection of tools is not enough, you also need security teams along with the right tools to meet the required security. Teams must make application security an integrated strategy and continue to encourage security awareness within the organization as the greatest obstacle to DevSecOps is culture, not technology.

DevSecOps provides security practitioners with the ability to script and monitor security controls at a much larger and more dynamic scale than traditional in-house data centers. It can help your organization rapidly build, reliably operate, and continuously improve your software solutions.

Why DevSecOps Matters?

For long the additional security check at the end of development cycle, was always seen as an obstruction to release and often deemed unnecessary, but with rising cyber threats and vulnerabilities in the digitally advanced IT world, all IT leaders are determined to become impermeable with respect to security in the development lifecycle. What they need are expert DevOps security practitioners, integrating security in the software development lifecycle and enabling end-to-end security within the development pipeline.

Benefits of DevSecOps

Some of the benefits of adopting DevSecOps are

  • Reduction of expenses and Delivery rate increases
  • Security, Monitoring, Deployment check and notifying systems from the beginning
  • It supports openness and Transparency right from the start of development
  • Secure by Design and the ability to measure
  • Faster Speed of recovery in the case of a security incident
  • Improving Overall Security by enabling Immutable infrastructure which further involves security automation

DevSecOps as a business-requirement driven software delivery approach, takes a new or existing business capability from the ideation stage all the way to production, while providing business value to end customers and at the same time capturing customer feedback while they engage with the capability. This is when you must realize that you as a business need a partner, who can work with you to understand your needs, your existing capabilities, and then design a solution that fits you perfectly and yet is scalable.

DevSecOps with Cymune

Our DevSecOps methodology helps integrate with customers’ internal IT/App teams and processes to enable Continuous Integration (CI) as well as Continuous Delivery (CD). We help customers with developing a DevSecOps process framework, build a DevSecOps tool platform (even using Open Ecosystem) and manage it 24/7 with flexible model and SLA’s.

  • Agile development incorporating security right from the ideation phase
  • Quick and high-quality releases
  • Automation of security checks for vulnerabilities throughout the development pipeline
  • Huge cost savings using our Frugal Innovation methodology
  • At par with the latest technological advancements like containers and microservices

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