Security Analytics and Intelligence

How intelligent is your Security Platform?

Security Analytics & Intelligence

Detecting and protecting information systems from today’s advanced, constant threats requires a comprehensive understanding of how different information security silos relate to each other. By deploying IT security analytics solution, you can detect the attacks as fast as possible, they can block or stop such attacks and provide in detail information to re-build an attack.

IT security analytics allow systems to automatically adjust their risk profile (i.e., go on high alert) once any system in the “threat intelligence network” detects a threat, be it malware, a rogue peripheral or suspicious log activity. This is done by collecting, correlating and analyzing extensive series of data. It provides you with an analysis on possibilities of security risks to your environment and enable you to detect, respond and prevent threats by providing valuable context and visual insights to help you make faster and smarter security decisions. The Solution also delivers advanced threat analysis, comprehensive information security reporting, and an intelligent security search. By utilizing a broad range of information logs and other events generated by hosts, devices, applications and databases, network flow data and known vulnerabilities, it provides deep visibility and analytics to address the most demanding security and compliance requirements.

Security Operation Approach

Our IT security analytics solution allow large and medium sized organization to collect, filter, integrate and link various types of security event information, so as to acquire a more comprehensive view of the security of their infrastructure.

Real Time Risk & Threat management

Discover and eliminate today’s advanced threats, Real-time Correlation and Alerting

Security Posture Assessment

Implement and measure critical Security controls, automated log collection and intelligence sharing

Forensics Operationalized

Real-time Forensics Operationalized, Flexible & Scalable Security Investigations

Intelligent Security Search & Analytics

Gain advanced security intelligence, Reduce Complexity & make Data More Meaningful to More Users

Splunk for Security

Cymune is a Certified Splunk Partner with an exceptional Domain Knowledge & having the Best in Class Trained and Certified Resources. We are the pioneers in developing Risk based Analytics, Custom dashboards & reports based on use cases. Unlike legacy SIEMs, Cymune's belief in Splunk’s analytics-driven approach to security gives security practitioners a single pane-of-glass to monitor their enterprise in near real time and take appropriate actions to respond to security alerts.

These capability makes Cymune an ideal partner for you to Revolutionize IT Operational Efficiency, brining order to unstructured data for Audit and Compliance. It helps in gaining service level customer satisfaction by using advanced analytics and machine learning approach. It reduces the threat of cyberattacks from unknown threats which are outside the scope of SIEM.

Splunk Security Use Cases
Real-Time Monitoring & Advanced Analytics

Threats can move quickly, and IT needs the ability to monitor threats and correlate events in real time to find and stop threats faster. Analytics are key to producing insights from mountains of data, and machine learning can automate this analysis to identify hidden threats.

Threat Hunting

We help you outsmart the bad guys by detecting suspicious and atypical activities using AI as well as machine learning capabilities providing you with end to end analytics. We help you hunt for threats in end points, user behavior, applications, and network.

Incident response

Our Security incident response services help you minimize the impact of any incident that may have impacted your enterprise. Our experts bring together industry-leading experience, expertise to help you quickly get your arms around a breach to triage, contain and remediate the breach.

Continuous Compliance

Get audit-ready evidence for compliance, including HIPAA, PCI, SOC2, ISO, GDPR, and security policy packs such as NIS T, DISA. We help you to meet regulation requirements that require security monitoring, vulnerability management, or an incident response function.

Cymune`s Cyber fusion center

Our Cyber Fusion Center is a unified and advanced platform that embodies detection, response, threat hunting, threat intelligence sharing and data analytics on threat. The Cyber Fusion Center helps to bring together different teams within an organization like IT Ops, SecOps, physical security, fraud and others orchestrating them to function together to boost overall threat intel, fast-track incident response speed and reduce organizational costs and risks.

The Key Advantages with cymune as your Splunk Partner are
  • Life cycle Approach - Consulting/audit, deployment & managed services
  • Field Tested methodologies - Standard and proven framework
  • State-of-the-Art NOC & SOC
  • Engagement Models - On Premise, Cloud based and Hybrid
  • Industry Experience – Large contracts with several Financial Services firms, Healthcare & Life Science firms and Federal Agencies
  • We are appointed by CERT-In as an Auditor

Customer Reference

A prominent TV Network in India, were concerned about their IT Infra and App Security. They implemented Splunk for Security analytics with data volume 2TB.

Solution overview
  • Implementing Splunk as Analytics Driven SIEM on AWS
  • Splunk for Advanced Security Analytics, Monitoring IOCs
  • Utilizing Supervised learning, Splunk is used to identify possible Security threats
  • Integrated AWS native services to be monitored
  • Threat Intelligence, Real time Threat Detection, UBA using Splunk’s ML capabilities
  • Monitor Complete IT Infra for various Security Use Cases
  • Generate reports, security analytics and get notified of Security Incidences in real time
  • Identify patterns of event which Indicate a possible Security incidence
  • Investigate Security Incidences
  • Correlate multiple sources of data to create ML based Security Identification

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