Managed Security Services

Building an Intelligent, Actionable, and Scalable Cyber Security for your Enterprise!

  • Cyber-resilient businesses amalgamate the capabilities of cybersecurity, business continuity and enterprise resilience. It applies robust security strategies in detecting and responding quick to cyber threats, in turn minimizing the damage ensuring continual business operations. As a result, businesses operate with much confidence in introducing innovative offerings, operate at ease and enjoy growth & sustenance
  • The need of the hour is to embed security into every layer of your enterprise ecosystem, build resilience and scale in cyber framework in securing digital landscape
  • Outsourcing your Security operations to us will give you the peace of mind you deserve as we can help you with 24x7 Security Monitoring & Triage, Threat Hunting & Management, Compliance Management, Investigation & Forensics, Vulnerability Management, Incident Response & Remediation, and Security Device/Platform Management
  • Our experts help you manage your risk, reduce costs, and ensure regulatory compliance for your enterprise. With Cymune’s Managed Security Services you can, prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities and security incidents faster. Unify data and processes across IT, security, and risk teams. We also help you replace manual tasks with automated security orchestration

Cymune Managed Security Services

Cymune Managed Security Services

Key Goals You Can Achieve With Managed SecOps

Ultimately the goal of Managed Security Services is to improve the security posture of the business, its products, and services by introducing security considerations as a shared responsibility. This goal can itself be broken down into a series of objectives.

A major goal of SecOps is also to overcome the siloed approach to organizational management. If you already have a DevOps approach, SecOps is a natural bolt-on. If you don’t, management buy-in is crucial to establish a clear roadmap and ensure commitment across the organization or project.

Raising awareness of how security considerations cut across business operations is a major objective. When every member of the team is a “security champion”, your security posture is improved exponentially and in ways that no number of additional staff to your SOC could provide. As the old saying goes, you’re only as strong as your weakest link, and the goal of SecOps is to ensure that all team members are joining hands across the entire operational playing field.

Automation is the key to simplifying and standardizing security operations. Developers don’t want to be told what tools they can and can’t use by security engineers, so a key objective is to ensure that tooling works for everybody. Choose tools with strong and consistent APIs that can be integrated with, and support, your devops, and security teams and which can scale as your company or project grows.

  • Integrate all the pieces of security operations
  • Enrich response with intelligence
  • Improve visibility into threats and the ability to understand, which ones present the greatest risk
  • Enable security operations with intelligence-driven command and control by orchestrating the full incident response and investigation lifecycle
  • Optimize on costs by enhancing staff efficiency while ensuring service continuity
Cymune Managed SecOps

Managed Security Services in Action

A Global Manufacturing company on home care products partners with us for Managed Security Services which include

  • Virtual Security Office and Advisory
  • Fixes and Remediation, Security Solution deployment
  • Cloud Security
  • 24/7 Security Event Monitoring
  • Vulnerability & Threat management
  • Incident Response and Remediation (IRR)
  • Compliance Management and documentation
  • WAF Managed Services
  • Patch management Services

Benefits delivered

  • Continuous visibility to Security Incidents & Events
  • 100% Compliance and Standards Regulations
  • Enhanced Cloud Security Posture and Risk Quantification
  • Security Tools Optimization
  • Modernize Enterprise-wide Security Intelligence

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