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The modern-day data center is evolving rapidly, making the technology environment complex and this requires that your security evolves and adapts itself to the changing threat landscape. This also requires that Enterprise IT teams simultaneously minimize complexity and cost while supporting the assault of new infrastructure and applications.

We know that sustaining and running infrastructure and applications on-premises is a very critical requirement for almost all organizations and therefore provide a complete array of services to support your data center security needs.

We offer the right mix of automation, real-time analytics, and policy-based security - supported by strategic guidance and expert recommendations, to help you accelerate your data center revolution. We bring in a new approach to the ever-evolving threat landscape, expanding compliance requirements, and resource constraints. Our only aim is to help you get the right level of security and compliance coverage across any environment that you operate in.

Data Center Security

Aim for Reliable protection with Simplicity

Today it is a fact that the cloud, virtualization, SDN, containers are charging every Data Center making it a more agile and modern data center. These modern-day data centers are required to allow for application workloads to scale up or down, move in and out of the public or private cloud and on-premises locations to deliver services more quickly and efficiently. Today the data center is being approached by customers, partners, employees, and contractors in new and expanding ways. This ever-expanding approach is expanding the attack surface of every data center, making it complex and extremely challenging to protect.

Upkeep and protection of your data and application workloads require a uniform security approach across physical, virtualized, and cloud environments, while providing the best visibility, control, and next-generation threat protection.

Is Your Data Center Getting the Security it deserves?

In recent years there have been radical changes in the way enterprise data centers are designed and implemented. Driven by business demands, data centers are adapted to the prevailing software architecture and DevOps methodologies and built using new technologies. There is a rise in cloud adoption and virtualization today plays a foremost role in every enterprise’s infrastructure. While these trends have benefits entrenched in making the infrastructure more elastic and scalable, with operational cost savings and faster development and release cycles.

Securing your data center has never been more crucial. As the data center becomes more complex and dynamic, growing in scale to match the business requirements and relying heavily on diverse and relatively new cloud and virtualization technologies, the task of securing it is going to become even more difficult.

At Cymune we believe in protecting your data center with a cohesive architecture that’s capable of

  • Complete visibility: Gain complete insight into user, device, network, and application activity across all your on-premises data centers and private and public clouds with greater contextual awareness that maps to business requirements and risk
  • Minimized opportunities for attack: Prevent attackers from moving inside the data center and across multi-cloud environments by applying granular access control across north-south and east-west traffic using a combination of physical and virtual firewalls
  • Automated threat protection: Discover threats and malicious activity, block threats in real-time, and automatically isolate infected hosts to minimize business disruption and prevent data loss.Block known threats and vulnerability attacks, automatically identify and protect against malware and more
  • Simplified Deployment: Simplify the deployment of security across your data center by providing the simplest integration with most popular SDN controllers in software-driven data center environments. We focus on understanding where you are on your transformation roadmap. Then through expert guidance and proven methodologies, we help devise and deploy the right data center strategy that includes automation and analytics.

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