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Docker’s container format is perhaps the most rapidly and widely adopted datacenter technology in history. This application delivery technology, based on ideas that have been around for more than a decade, is now driving an inexorable transformation of how modern applications are built, delivered and deployed in the enterprise. In a survey done by Diamanti of IT leaders, the data suggests something is very clearly starting to change in terms of what IT organizations consider to be their default platform for deploying modern applications.

  • Nearly half (47 percent) of IT leaders surveyed said they plan to deploy containers in a production environment, while another 12 percent say they already have
  • Over a third of IT leaders (34 percent) adopting containers plan to allocate at least $100,000 to those projects in the near future
  • 71 percent of respondents have deployed containers on a virtual machine, while 35 percent have deployed them on a public cloud, and 34 percent have deployed containers on a private cloud
Container Security

Security is the second biggest issue that has been reported with running containers in a production environment. As the survey suggests security issues in containers are increasingly a major concern and the top roadblock to container deployment today.

Cymune Container Security

At Cymune we give you an expert perspective on security throughout the container application stack and life cycle which provides Enterprise level continuous container security. In general, continuous container security for the enterprise is about

  • Securing the container pipeline and the application
  • Securing the container deployment environment(s) and infrastructure
  • Integrating with enterprise security tools and meeting or enhancing existing security policies

With Cymune, you get a network intrusion detection solution and log management for containers that has complete upkeep for your applications hosted on AWS, Azure, Oracle, or GCP. With this, we enable you to detect and visualize threats in real-time for any workload in any container (Docker, Kubernetes,CoreOS, Elastic Beanstalk or Elastic Container Service). On top of this, our security professionals watch over your environment 24/7 - so you're never on your own.

An End to End Container Lifecycle Security

  • Full Lifecycle Image Scanning: Blazing fast scanning integrated into the CI/CD pipeline for build-time, registry, and run-time. Enable admission controls & CIS Benchmarks for additional protections
  • Run-Time Security without Compromise: Prevent exploits & breakouts by detecting & blocking suspicious process, syscall and file system activity, then preventing damage with a container firewall
  • The Only True Layer 7 Container Firewall: Prevent attacks with cloud-native automated segmentation, deep packet inspection (DPI) and attack detection for DDoS, DNS, SQL Injection, & DLP breaches

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