Data Protection Services

Cymune’s Data protection and privacy services help organizations stay up to date with leading services in data security and data privacy, as well as complying with regulation in a constantly evolving threat environment and regulatory landscape.

While threats to sensitive data continue to evolve, most data protection methods are becoming obsolete due to growth in data generation, usage across data silos and increasing regulatory demands.

In today’s age of Digital Transformation, Data Protection cannot be compromised. The increasing number of targeted and malicious threats have made data privacy an irrefutable aspect of any organization. Businesses who have failed to protect their servers, have left themselves open to potentially damaging data losses. On top of that the inability to operate because of data loss, even a short-term one is making it imperative for organizations to deploy extensive data protection solutions.

Data protection solutions rely on technologies such as data loss prevention (DLP), storage with built-in data protection, firewalls, encryption, and endpoint protection.

Here are the key data management aspects relevant to data protection:


Ensuring users can access and use the data required to perform business even when this data is lost or damaged

Data Lifecycle Management

Involves automating the transmission of critical data to offline and online storage

Information Lifecycle Management

Involves the valuation, cataloguing, and protection of information assets from various sources, including facility outages and disruptions, application and user errors, machine failure, and malware and virus attacks

Data Protection

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Data Protection is equivalent to Business Protection

Applying strong data protection consists of data discovery, assessing risk, identifying solution platforms, defining objectives and workflows and much more.

We can help you discover critical data security issues that can result in significant business impacts and help reduce long-term data security related risks that include strategic, compliance and financial implications.

As Networks Evolve, Gaining Visibility is imperative

You can’t manage what you can’t see. Gaining visibility into metadata and analyzing user behavior to identify potential security risks is important for you to reduce risk and improve accountability.

We can help provide you with full visibility and control of your data across on-premises and cloud-based architecture. We also provide you with a set of actionable recommendations to further improve your visibility across all data sources.

Data Security Architecture & Review of your Organization

Regulatory requirements that impact your organization’s information security are constantly evolving, creating new challenges and forcing new architectures. Flaws within data identification and protection can result in unnecessary risks to your IT infrastructure and cause sensitive data exposure.

Cymune’s Data Protection Approach

Our data security experts help you understand your current business operations, technical requirements, and regulatory mandates to form a foundation for your information security environment. We will work with you to create and continually update an over-arching enterprise security architecture.

Cymune’s Data Protection services provide foundational and advanced capabilities like

Data Protection Approach

Our data security services implement multiple levels of data loss protection techniques and solutions, aligning with any data governance management framework. We understand that at the heart of every business there is data and critical data, whether it's client data, employee data, intellectual property data, or credit card data. We will classify every data your organization uses, by creating a data classification chart and implement policies and security controls to ensure your organization’s data is protected.

Cymune’s Data Protection Services

Cymune’s Data Protection Services guarantee that your data is under constant watchfulness from malicious threats and unwarranted downtime. We offer you the most comprehensive set of services, tooling, and expertise to help you protect your data. To do this, we provide technical, operational, and contractual measures needed to protect your data. We build effective data protection solutions that enable physical & virtual recovery of data easier within your IT environment.

Data Discovery & Classification, Discovery, Identification, and classification of sensitive data, PII, customer data.

Data Security Assessment, to analyze the maturity of your information security program, as well as identify risk, gaps, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement.

Data Protection

  • Masking & Encryption
  • Secure Access
  • Data Loss Prevention

Virtual CISO, which provides you with expertise needed for incident response, compliance, and the latest threat intelligence to address information security flaws and execute strategic and actionable mitigation strategies.

Information Security Data Governance, Comprehensive data security program to locate, identify and protect your organization’s most critical data. The data security services assist your firm with becoming compliant with the following privacy laws and frameworks.

Data SecOps, Cymune’s DataSecOps is an agile, holistic, security-embedded approach to coordinate the ever-changing data and its users, aimed at delivering quick data-to-value while keeping data private, safe, and well-governed.

Why Cymune’s Data Protection

Our Data Security Services provide data security and data protection services to protect your data against internal and external threats, while aiding your organization security posture improvement, and data security compliance activities with data protection when it relates to data security and data protection laws. Proving reliable data security is critical to your organization's success, our data security services, we can assess your environment and create a strategic roadmap to implement data security policies and controls that protects and secure your data across your enterprise network and cloud applications through the following services.

Data Protection can provide more than peace of mind; we safeguard your critical business assets and provide a process for business continuity should you suffer the loss of mission critical data.