Cyber Threat Intelligence

Next Gen Cyber Threat Intelligence

A holistic approach towards managing risk

Today’s cyber threat landscape is unprecedented in size and diversity, requiring a change in mindset if enterprises are to protect what matters to their business. Cyber Security is that one key brick in your cyber defence rubric that’s a must-have for organizations today. As today if you wait to understand the hunter and their approach, you will soon be in a reactive, fear-driven approach towards online threats.

Cyber Threat Intelligence Lifecycle

Cyber Threat Intelligence with Cymune

We give your enterprise the ability to spot security issues swiftly and have the precise intelligence at your fingertips so that you can deal with the continuous onslaught of attacks in today’s diversifying threatscape. Our cyber experts Cymunize your enterprise against this onslaught and equip you to deal with them appropriately.

  • Global Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform: The intelligent platform not only helps you centrally aggregate data but it also shares threat intelligence data. It simultaneously prioritizes and understand threat indicators
  • Best of the breed Cyber Security Analyst and Domain Experts : Our experts can help you apply threat intelligence data across your cyber security infrastructure
  • 24*7*365 : State of the art Cyber Security Fusion Center will help in intelligence driven defense and automated remediation actions

Benefits of Cyber Threat Intelligence

  • Protect your brand with Cyber Surveillance. In today’s digital age, a company’s brand is a key business driver. If malicious actors get access to your intellectual property (IP) or impersonate you, it can have a detrimental impact on yourbusiness
  • Strengthen your security posture with Cyber security Intelligence. It allows you to determine which threats pose the greatest risk to your organization’s infrastructure, so that you can protect it accordingly
  • Filtering the Intelligence. The more information you have, the better prepared you can be. But it isn’t an easy task aggregating information from so many sources, and it can easily throw up too many misleading false positives.It is therefore essential that threat intelligence be aggregated, verified and correlated with information from other sources for analysis
  • Stay a step ahead. We need to use the hackers DNA today to stay a step ahead of them and you can do that by having the ability to quickly spot security issues and having the right intel to deal with it effectively and timely

Cyberattacks are only going to get bigger and hackers more sophisticated, it is therefore essential to adopt their mind set to gather intelligence proactively. Don’t wait until the real thing happens to find out if you could handle a cyber-attack. By then it could be too late.

Cyber Threat Intelligence is only the first step to securing your enterprise. To be completely secure you need to get a holistic understanding of our other offerings under the umbrella of Zero Trust Network. The technologies that support Zero Trust are moving into the mainstream.

Why stop with Cyber Threat Intelligence alone, when you can leverage a bouquet of services that can enable you for a zero threat security, and much more?

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