Why Choose Threat Anticipation?

Mounika Raghavarapu   

In threat hunting there are no solutions that are "one size fits all"

When traditional Protections Fail, Threat Hunting helps explore the hidden advanced persistent threats (APT’s) in the network. The general security hygiene practices, automated security tools, firewalls and antivirus are effective in stopping the majority of threats from intruding into the network. But when an intruder enters into the network by bypassing these security measures, it is very difficult to identify the presence of the intruder in the network, with these traditional security mechanisms.

As per a research, it is known that a cybercriminal spends an average of 191 days in an organizations network before they are detected, and this is a very long time for the intruder to easily cause huge damage to the organization's data. After an attack is encountered organizations generally perform a forensic investigation to evaluate the events that led to the attack to happen. In contrast to forensic investigation, threat hunting targets explore the waiting attackers and stop them in their paths before they have the chance to create real damage.

It is evident that the organization's automated security tools and tier 1 and tier 2 security operations centre (SOC) analysts are capable enough to restrict and handle almost 80 percent of the threats. But still, there is a need for the organizations to think about that 20 percent, where there is a huge chance for the modern-day attackers to include advanced persistent threats (APTs) that will cause noteworthy damage.

Unlike the general and automated threats, the attacks performed by the advanced persistent attackers easily evade the advanced tools that are in place for restricting the intruder’s activity, they directly target the organization's network. In comparison with the general hacking attempt, an APT needs higher attention and significantly more efforts form the response teams and Security Operations Centre (SOC).

Most security tools today focus on visibility and blocking at the point of entry in order to protect systems. However, the proliferation of threats far outpaces these network defence tactics, and the subsequent gap can never fully be closed. No new technology will adequately address this security dynamic. Instead, a new criterion is required: a defence model that anticipates, mitigates and remediates an attack.

Today to successfully defend your organization against cyber-attacks, you are required to foresee your threat actor’s actions in advance to be able to implement protective means. This dependency places pre-emptive threat intelligence gathering at the core of cyber-security.

Threat Anticipation Services:

Enable your organization with next-gen cyber security that anticipates threats. Cyber Security experts

  • Collect threat data from a variety of threat intelligence feeds
  • Analyze globally reported breaches and attacks
  • Recognize threats that are imminent
  • Validate and curate threat data for it make sense to you

Based on the information gathered from all this unstructured data, we mine specific action items that you must deploy for your organization to anticipate, detect, and mitigate breaches.

Why Choose Threat Anticipation Services:

adaptive security team relies on artificial intelligence-based analysis of cybercriminals’ behavior to anticipate new attack methods. As threats and attack tactics evolve, we believe in using an adaptive approach that allows us to evolve your enterprise’s security measures as well. Cybersecurity experts use this Intel to anticipate threats and continuously evolve your defences.

  • 360 Threat Anticipation Experts: Needless to say, the threat landscape has evolved and security technology must be up to snuff. adaptive security relies on artificial intelligence analysis of cybercriminals’ behavior to anticipate new attack methods. As threats and attack tactics evolve, an adaptive approach would allow for your enterprise to as well. Cybersecurity experts use this intel to anticipate threats and continuously evolve your defences.
  • Advanced Cyber Security Platform:   cyber security platform collects data across sources and provides advanced threat anticipation features – including categorization, correlation and scoring of threat posture, and contextual matching with your IT assets.
  • AI driven Threat Intelligence Enhance human potential in threat anticipation. Threat anticipation for a company notices when a violation occurs in other organizations and assures its customers by alerting them as soon as possible. AI capabilities facilitate the flexibility to rapidly examine a large amount of information by applying advanced math on huge scale information needed to anticipate threats.


Benefits with Threat Anticipation Services:

  • Easily Protect yourself from an average of a few hundred global reported breaches and outbreaks annually.
  • Cut out all the noise in generic threat intelligence feeds. You have 24X7 access to specialized security experts.
  • Leverage our 60+ sources of threat intelligence for the best possible threat anticipation which fits comfortably in a single dashboard.
  • Threat anticipation-as-a-service reduces your TCO by 60%.