Need for Security Operations Centre to Protect Your Sensitive Data

Mounika Raghavarapu   

The world today is comprised of two types of organizations: those who have been breached, and those who do not yet know that they’ve been breached. The difference between these types of organizations is related to how soon the company can detect a breach and how effectively they can respond. Detecting and protecting information systems from today’s advanced, constant threats requires a comprehensive understanding of how different information security silos relate to each other. By deploying IT security analytics solution, you can detect the attacks as fast as possible, they can block or stop such attacks and provide in detail information to re-build an attack. 

With a focus on responding to, and containing threats, it is possible to define a Security Operation Center in simple terms: the technology and processes used to detect breaches and coordinate the appropriate response. An effective Security Operation Center provides the information necessary for organizations to efficiently detect threats and subsequently contain them. While eliminating the threats we face is an impossible goal, reducing the time it takes to respond and contain them is certainly achievable. 

Functional Components of SOC

Incident Management

  • Incident Response – Investigation and Analysis, Evidence Gathering, Escalation Management and Forensics
  • Behavioral Analysis – Detection, Anomaly Detection and Network Behavioral Analysis
  • Reporting – Periodic Incident / Event Reporting, Trend Analysis Reporting, Feedback and Review Mechanism

Risk Management

  • Risk Ranking – Risk Management Framework, Categories Alerts, Notifications and Compliance based on Risk level and Risk Review
  • Vulnerability Management – Periodic Vulnerability Assessment and Audit, Alert and Notify the Business Process Owners for action to close the Vulnerabilities and Validate Remedial Action Completion

Tools & Technology

  • Security Analytics Platforms, helps in extracting and understanding each and every activity that happened in the network, this helps in proactively identifying the security gaps.
  • Proactive Monitoring - Automated Monitoring, Monitored object reporting, Integrated to Business Processes and 24x7 Monitoring
  • Alert and Notification – Security Incident Reporting, Alerts Categorized based on Risk Level and Notifications to Business Process Owners
  • Events Correlation – Contextual Correlation of events, Situational Awareness and Mapped to Business Processes


  • Compliance and Audit – Compliance Templates, Compliance Enforcement, Compliance Violation Reporting and Review of Compliance Policies periodically
  • Change Management – Change Management processes, Automated Approval Processes and Change Control Validation
  • Configuration Management – Configuration Management Database, Configuration Logs, Archrivals, Mapped to Change Control and Configuration Rollback

 Service deliverables

Monitoring & Log Analysis

  • Device and App/DB Monitoring
  • Real time Event Analysis, Correlation and Alerting
  • Creation and adding custom correlation rules
  • Remedial Action
  • Risk & Threat Management and Prevent recurrences

Emergency Response Management

  • Team comprising of Cyber Security Experts, Security Specialists & CEH
  • Investigation, response & mitigation of all Critical or Severity 1 Incidents
  • Connect with law enforcement agencies

VA / PT / App Security Testing

  • Determine what security vulnerabilities exist and plan mitigation/fix
  • Tracking the new vulnerabilities from various resources such as CERT
  • OS/DB Hardening
  • Grey Box Testing
  • Black Box Testing

Security Intelligence

  • Track and advise new global security threats and vulnerabilities
  • Impact & Risk Analysis of New Vulnerabilities and Threats
  • Security Analytics
  • Intelligent Security Search
  • Build sophisticated machine learning models

Forensic Investigation

  • Real-time Forensics Operationalized
  • Flexible, Scalable Security Investigations
  • Fraud investigation
  • Effective remedial solution of intricacies related to Forensic Investigation of crime of any type

SOC Operations / SLM

  • Define Critical & Key SLA’s
  • Creation of CAB and effectively manage Change Requests
  • Process Checklists and run books
  • Develop & recommend improvement plans
  • Monthly Review and daily/weekly / monthly reports

ISMS / ISO / Compliance Sustenance

  • Carry out ISMS/ISO extension activities such as, Gap Analysis, Risk Assessment & Treatment, Policy and Procedure Formation, & Awareness
  • Internal Security Audits
  • Compliance Automation & Reporting
  • Prepare Reports
  • Security Awareness trainings

 Cymune SOC & SOAR Capabilities:

Enables SOCs, MSSPS, and small/medium/bigEnterprises to automate, orchestrate and measure security operations and incident response processes and tasks.

Sanctions security operations with intelligence-driven command and control by orchestrating the full incident response and investigation lifecycle.

Empowers security analysts, forensic investigators and incident responders with contextual data to respond to, track, predict and visualize cyber security incidents efficiently.

Aids in the incident handling process overall thereby allowing the security teams to focus on the additional challenges which continue to affect day to day operations.