Midsize Enterprise Technology Do's and Don'ts

Uttam Majumdar   

If you run Technology for Midsize Enterprise, you are likely to resonate with much of everything am listing down. This list is a collection from real outcomes.

Customer feedback is critical to success of every business, however with B2B, I would suggest Service Provider feedback to customers can be equally critical and this list is from such feedback provided to customers who agreed to give us a seat on their strategy table and thereafter deeply involved us. We are proud that so many of our customers have grown faster than their peers, have been more profitable than their industry average, are agile and give us the credit for keeping their tech landscape modern, optimal, and business-aligned.

  • Digital Transformation is for you

  • Let everything be part of OnDemand Private or Hybrid Cloud with all necessary Governance

  • If you run a hosted Mail Server/collaboration suite, either on-prem or co-lo DC, time to migrate to O365 or GSuite.

  • Get xOps outsourced to a partner with tool and process maturity.

  • Migrate or consider using the following on Cloud get the foundation to Cloud led Digital Transformation

    • SaaS based HRMS

    • SaaS based CRM

    • Your ERP may run better on an IaaS Service. IaaS from one like AWS and not the co-lo DC's making things appear like IaaS

    • Use Marketing Automation platform like HubSpot

  • Go data driven, start ML projects if not done yet

  • Focus on dashboards

  • Use SASE if you are multisite

  • Embark on Plant Automation if not on that path yet

  • Security be part of every design

  • If must develop applications in-house (though not recommended unless you are a Tech company), use DevSecOps with Automation

  • Standardize end-user systems and go ZERO TRUST

  • Leverage partner shared services for helpdesk, L1 & L2 support

  • Go with Cloud SIEM & SOAR and let partner with deep detection and remediation skills manage.

  • Do not miss any automation opportunity and your environment is ready for AIOps

  • Use Spot instances for HPC workloads

  • CX tools be embraced

  • Measure your Digital Quotient

  • DR be on Cloud so should Backup