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Risk Quantification for Cyber Security

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Cyber Security budgets are not infinite. Boards & CEOs are looking at security investments like any other transformation program – Value First. Despite significant increases in IT and security budgets, cyber-attacks are increasing in frequency and severity. Leaders struggle with prioritizing and making cybersecurity decisions quickly, with key stakeholders operating in silos and lacking a common language.

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There are 4 major issues with companies doing cyber security assessments.

Here is how to go about filling gaps between your current and expected state of cyber security maturity

We are taking a step further to deepen our Cyber Security Approach to help our customers. This partnership enables us to do easy and quick Risk Assessment, measure risk in dollars which in turn helps us in making critical decisions for our customers.

With our partnership with Axio we are set to build a comprehensive and robust risk-based approach to cybersecurity that will make any organization more resilient to cyber events and improve their cyber risk posture and operational efficiency. Axio’s solution is easy to implement and provides quick results that align with customer expectations. With Axio, Cymune looks forward to providing its customers a single solution to serve as a command center to continuously assess cyber risk against the latest threats and setting an objective foundation for optimal cybersecurity investment decisions.

In every Cyber Security engagement, we have taken risk-based approach, in a world of machine speed attacks, it is imperative that we modelled cyber risk for our customers; our partnership with Axio is giving us data driven decisions to effectively calculate and manage risk.


Axio uncovers risks, develops achievable roadmaps for implementations, and helps leaders quantify and communicate return on security investments. And, you’ll get results in hours, not months. With Axio you can:

WHY Cymune?

In every cybersecurity engagement, we have taken a risk-based approach. In a world of machine speed attacks, it is imperative that we modelled cyber risk for our customers. Our relationship with Axio is giving us data-driven decisions to effectively calculate and manage risks.

With Cymune you can:

We help Discover your risks, visualize your security gaps, quantify your risks, Maintain up to date on latest threats and Report to Board and Stake holders on security roadmap and organizational risk posture.

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