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Business moves fast. Every enterprise’s application landscape is now both business critical and rapidly evolving. Mobile and cloud computing are dramatically changing the manner we do business. Everything today runs on applications, and, therefore,If an organization’s IT security is not up to the task of protecting the applications that enable today’s businesses, devastating data breaches can happen in the blink of an eye. Enterprises are producing certain applications faster than ever before, often using agile development processes.

The changing pace of business is reshaping the way employees use enterprise applications, while dramatically altering the way a company’s IT assets are controlled. A standardized virtualization framework for end-to-end businesses enables you to improve manageability, reduce desktop total cost of ownership, improve utilization, and better protect critical data. Desktop virtualization follows an integrated approach to address all the security challenges associated with network access.

Application Security

Application Security with Cymune

It doesn’t matter at what stage your application is in – from design to deployment; or what type of application it is – be it Web, Cloud, Mobile, IoT, Embedded or mainframe. Our application security consulting services findthe vulnerabilities and flaws in your applications and software development practices and always provide a remediation plan to ensure all problems can be fixed.

  • Security Posture Assessment : Assess security posture of every application, whether built in-house, purchased or compiled. It could be any Windows, Linux, or SaaS application
  • Cloud Computing Availability & Scalability : Take advantage of automation and cloud-based services to more easily incorporate security into the development process and scale the program
  • Quick Vulnerability Resolution : Enables developers to find and fix vulnerabilities while they are coding& learn lessons from past mistakes and better managing future development processes

Benefits of Application Security

  • Bring in efficiency, continuous improvement, and cost reduction
  • Optimize and Secure your application landscape
  • Drive innovation with disruptive business models

While Application Security can propel your organization to be a modern day secure enterprise. But what’s also important is to ensure security at each stage to reduce your attack surface. You may benefit from taking a look at our offerings that may help you reduce your attack surface.

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