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Cyber Security, needless to mention has a new meaning with businesses going Digital. The more an enterprise moves towards digital transformation, larger is the threat landscape that they are faced with. Rise in the widespread use of technology is a double edged sword, while it has enabled businesses to do more, achieve more, it has also got with it a huge influx in cybercrime. For hackers, the possibilities have increased exponentially, along with the potential rewards.

Information Security is no longer restricted to the IT department today, but it is a priority with public ramifications.Businesses need new capabilities to keep themselves protected, and this involves not only incredible amount of their bandwidth to be instride with the most protected security posture but it also poses a huge risk to their pace of innovation. Thus relying on Security Experts is one way to solve the security threat that they face in the rapidly evolving world.

At Cymune we bridge the visible and the invisible Cyber Security gaps for the businesses that aspire to be Digital with uncompromising approach to innovation. Our approach involves us to broadly assess three main things across your “Core Domain” areas

  • Inherent Risk
  • Process Maturity
  • Operational Effectiveness

We understand that organisations are subject to increasing amounts of corporate and regulatory requirements to demonstrate that they are managing and protecting their information appropriately, whilst the threats from all quarters, including organised crime, nation-states and activists, are growing in complexity and volume.

Evolving threats, expanding compliance risks, and resource constraints require a new approach.To counter these cyber threats, one needs to have the hacker mind-set and we over the years have reached such a mind-set after having acquired extensive capabilities and experience. Our tools, processes and people are among the best in the industry with collective knowledge of having handled several million incidents.

Understanding the Security Solutions Landscape

We understand the challenges our clients face every day – because many of our people have occupied a seat on the other side of the table. We help businesses such as yours to fight against cybercrime, protect patented data and diminish security risks. Our aim is always to help you transform your business by removing any security hurdles with the help of our team of security experts and technologists, operations specialists, researchers and ethical hackers.

At Cymune we improve your business operations by

  • Leveraging our industry-wide experience in security
  • Expertise in cutting-edge security technology
  • Extensive portfolio of security services

We are the experts born out of LOCUZ - two decades of experience leading several transitions.In these two decades we have immersed ourselves extensively in core data-centre related technologies solving any & every Infrastructure challenge our clients have faced.

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Cymune Executive Leadership

With decades of experience in the cyber security industry our executive leadership team is well equipped and eager to help you tackle any and all of your security-related challenges. Our leadership team’s aim behind carving out Cymune was to have the single-minded focus in delivering latest innovations in security that makes your business Secure and Sustainable.

Our Founder and President Mr. Uttam Majumdar, founded Locuz; one of the predecessor companies of Cymune; about two decades ago and continues to lead our management team with his clear and strategic vision.

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