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    Cyber Security Services

    we bridge the visible and the invisible Cyber Security gaps for the
    businesses that aspire to be Digital with uncompromising approach to innovation.
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    Analytics & Intelligence
    Detecting and protecting information systems from today’s advanced,
    constant threats requires a comprehensive understanding....
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    Security Services
    Building an Intelligent, Actionable, and Scalable Cyber Security for your Enterprise!
    Security Monitoring | Incident Response | Threat Intelligence


Cymunize Your Enterprise with The Right People | The Right Processes | The Right Technologies.

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Why Cymune?

The global spending on cybersecurity by enterprises exceeds $130 billion per year, yet the number of security breaches continues to increase


It is evident that tools alone are insufficient to solve this problem. A strategic risk-based approach is needed to secure your assets across all the environments

Unique Approach

Cymune, with its team of experts in cloud and security-led digital transformations, offers customized cybersecurity solutions to help businesses strengthen their security posture and mitigate risks

Resilience at Speed

Our focus is on enhancing security resilience by minimizing the occurrence of threats and risks, enabling businesses to drive innovation and growth at a rapid pace

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Explore our unique approach to cybersecurity and discover why Cymune is a leader in the industry

SOC as a Service

Cyber-resilient businesses amalgamate the capabilities of cybersecurity, business continuity and enterprise resilience. It applies robust security strategies in detecting and responding quick to cyber threats, in turn minimizing the damage ensuring continual business operations. As a result, businesses operate with much confidence in introducing innovative offerings, operate at ease and enjoy growth & sustenance.

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Vulnerability Management as a Service

Our risk-based approach to Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaaS), where we identify, investigate, and prioritize vulnerabilities based on weaponization. We deploy a near real-time vulnerability platform that allows you to communicate, collaborate, and manage your vulnerability programs in a centralized manner. It maps your vulnerabilities to known threats and context and assigns a risk rating for assets that stand exposed.

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Actionable intelligence with real-time threat data, drill down and risk scoring, eliminating the need for complex workflows between products. Monitors all security events identified on cloud-based and on-premises deployments. Protect your websites, applications, or entire networks from DDoS attacks before they enter your infrastructure. Make sure that the legitimate traffic is not compromised.

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The Cymune Threat Continuum

A New Model for the New Threat Dynamics: Pre, During, and Post

Most security tools today focus on visibility and blocking at the point of entry in order to protect systems. However, the proliferation of threats far outpaces these network defence tactics, and the subsequent gap can never fully be closed. No new technology will adequately address this security dynamic. Instead, a new criterion is required: a defence model that detects, mitigates and remediates pre, during, and post an attack.

Security methods must focus on both detection and the ability to mitigate the impact after an attacker gets in. We look at your security model holistically and gain visibility and control not just at the endpoints but across the extended network and the entire attack continuum before an attack happens, during the time it’s in progress, and after it has damaged systems or stolen information.


Pre Attack

Identify what’s on the extended network to implement policies and controls to defend it

Threat Anticipation | Threat Hunting | Baselining | Security Advisory


During Attack

Detect and block threats and
malware continuously

Threat Detection & Remediation | Incident Response | Cyber Fusion Center


Post Attack

Mitigate an attack by identifying entry point, assessing scope, containing threat, preventing reinfection, and remediating

Continuous Security Events Monitoring | Security Analytics & Intelligence | Vulnerability Management | IDAM & PAM

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